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Frequently Asked Questions


Our stock

Does Finaldrive-trackmotors have all products from the webshop available?

- Yes, all products are in stock and ready for shipment. 


What if I need help with anything?

- Contact the customer service and they will help you find the correct final drive for your machine. 




Do you ship to all countries?

- We ship to all countries in the world. if you live inside of Europe, you got free delivery. If you are outside Europe, there will be an ekstra freight charge, depending on

  which country you want the final drive delivered to. 


How do I get free delivery?

-  Go to our shop and simply add a final drive to your cart.


Why do you offer free delivery?

- To make ordering easier for you as a customer. There is no ekstra fees. The price you see, is the price you pay. 


Will there be any additional costs or fees?

- No, where will not be any additional cost or fees as long as you live in Europe.


What if I live outside of Europe?

- Contact our support for freight cost to your country. 


When do I receive my order?

- If your order is placed before 14.00 UTC +1, the order will be shipped the same day.

- As soon as your products leaves our/our partners warehouse, you will receive an email with a tracking number, so it easy for you to track your package all the way to

  your door. 


Which freight company do you use?

We use TNT as our freight carrier.



Fitting and installation manual

What is the fitting and installation manual?

- It is a guideline to ensure your final drive, will be installed correctly. 


Why does Final drive-trackmotors offer this service?

 - We want to make it easy for you as customer to install your new final drive correctly.


How do I get this installation manual? 

- When you receive your new final drive, the installation manual will be attached to the final drive.  


What if the installation manual is not attached to the final drive when I receive it?

Contact our customer service with your order number and they will send a new one by mail. 

- You can find the order number if you go to: my account - orders.


What if I have questions to the installation manual? 

 - Contact the customer service.


How do I know the final drive will fit my machine?

- We are specialized to final drives, and have lots of experience with these products. If you have a machine which is not on our webside, please contact customer service,

they will find a solution for you. 



Payment methods

How do I pay for my order?

- We accept paypal and credit card. Or if you are in doubt, its possible to pay through our customer service with a bank transfer.  


How do I get an invoice?

- You can find the invoice if you go to: my account - orders - details.

- You will also receive this invoice when your order is finish.


Order status

If I am registered as a customer, you will be able to see the order status.

If I am not registered as a customer, the cusutomer service will contact you.

What does the order status mean?

Cancelled: The order have been cancelled. 

Pending: The order is sent to Finaldrive-trackmotors, but payment haven't been received.

If you left the payment site before finishing the payment to go: My account - Orders - Details - retry payment (will appear 2 minutes after an order have been placed) 

Processing: The order is paid and we are dispatching your order.

Complete: The order is paid and shipped.




Can I send the final drive back?

- if you want to send your final drive back, you must have a written agreement with customer service.


Can I get a refund or change the final drive?

Yes, its possible to get a refund or change the final drive if you meets below requirements.

- No visible signs of use (No scratches, no opening of the ports)

- Original invoice must be attached to the package, or sent by email.

- The final drive must include all manuals and original packaging.

- We must have the final drive back within 15 calendar days.

- The customer is responsible for all the return shipping cost.

- Special orders or used products cannot be returned.


If you accept a refund, how long will it take for me to get the money back?

- After the customer service have received the returned final drive and checked all of the requirements for a refund is approved, will the money be sent back to the credit

card which have been used for payment. 


How do I get an return 

If I am registered as a customer.

 - Go to "My account" - "Orders" and fill out the "return item(s)

 - Or contact the support at


If I am not registered as a customer. 

 - Please contact the support at for a return.


Do I have to upload a file?

- We recommend our customer to upload a file, to make it easier for the customer service.


What does the Return status mean?

only registered customers is able to see the return status.

If I am not registered as a customer, will the customer service keep you informed.

Pending: The return request has been Received and the customer service will look at it as soon as possible.

Received: The return request has been received and is being looked at.

Request Rejected: The return request did not follow the return requirements.

Return Authorized: The return request has been accepted by the customer service.

Item(s) Refunded: The return request has been received at the finaldrive-trackmotors warehouse. The requirements for a return has been approved and the payment for

the order will be sent back to the customer. 

Cancelled: The customer doesn't want to return the order anyways.


Please keep in mind, by filling out the return request is not an agreement with the customer service, before it has been approved.